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How can BodyUK best help you?

  • Are you looking to get back into the best shape of your life, but are possibly lacking the motivation or understanding on how to go about it?
  • Do you feel that although life is busy you need to start paying attention to your personal health?
  • Would you find it useful to be guided towards a more healthy, more active & more athletic you; that can visibly see improvements in fitness and body shape?
  • Are you interested in taking the next step by joining a friendly, motivated and highly supportive team of coaches and personal trainers who can help you make the most of your training programme, whether it be 1-2-1 or Group Training?
  • Maybe you simply want to get up and get moving again with some great workout ideas that have been proven to gain excellent results fast?

“If you have said yes to any of the questions above then you are in the right place and we would love to welcome you to BodyUK”

What is the core of BodyUK’s philosophy?

We believe in potential not limitation. YOU have the opportunity to truly achieve what ever you choose with your fitness, health and lifestyle.

Nothing nowadays is impossible.

The science of human movement, nutrition and behaviour has advanced, meaning that with the appropriate guidance we can all develop a road map that directs us towards better health. This can then be maintained and managed however busy your lifestyle.

In fact, it’s our ability to manage your fitness alongside your busy lifestyle that has really set our Personal Training and Bootcamp programmes apart from the rest.

When it comes to achieving your goals there are a few things you should consider.

Jem S

Founder of BodyUK
I just wanted to take a second to welcome you to the BodyUK website. BodyUK was created to help individuals like you gain amazing results that can be maintained and improved upon month after month.

3 key values within BodyUK revolve around (1) Excellence, (2) Amazing Health and (3) Community.

Why not take advantage of one of BodyUK’s many free offerings that I know will help you take great steps right away. I would love for you to contact me by heading to Contact Us above and saying hello. To your health and have a great day.

Jem SFounder of BodyUK

BodyUK Mission

We would love to help you
We love to help people like you make the most of their personal health. Every month we help many break through their personal barriers to reach great health using Personal Training, Bootcamp Coaching and Online Coaching as a platform for your success

This year we are on a mission to ‘Reshape The Nation’, starting in Surrey.

To find out more about the ‘Reshape The Nation’ mission please ‘Contact BodyUK’ by email or phone.

We look forward to getting you moving.

BodyUKWe would love to help you


Are you ready to get started with BodyUK

But firstly you need to pay attention to three key points.

  • You need to understand your current health and fitness levels or position. See it EXACTLY how it is and not worse than it is.
  • Connect yourself to a strong enough WHY in order to create the change you desire. Why is now the time for YOU to make huge improvements in your health and fitness? The why you choose will streamline you towards your goals time and time again.

“We can help you with this as soon as you contact us, or maybe you already know what you want to achieve and why which is excellent”

If you struggle to stay on track whilst on the path towards success then your why is not big enough.

  • Build a programme that will aid you in ACHIEVING THE EXACT GOALS you want, and measure your success’s regularly.

“If the Wright Brothers can bend a piece of metal and fly it across the Atlantic Ocean then YOU can achieve the body you deserve”

We help people just like you break through their limitations monthly using fitness, health and lifestyle principals as a platform towards long lasting success.

Did You Know?

Of our members choose Personal Training at BodyUK
Of our members choose Bootcamp each month
All of our products and services have a no questions asked money back guarantee
Every month we aim to help Surrey lose this in body fat

There is a huge amount of pride at BodyUK.

We believe that the experience during training has a huge part to play when helping our clients maximise their performance.

We always aim to bring fun and of course a challenge to your training session. We love to see you succeed and achieve results you maybe at first never thought were possible.

Month after month we continuously aim to improve your training experience, the motivation throughout workouts and the level of continued support offered from us outside of training, which will help you achieve your fitness goals.

We would love you to join us.

Contact us today or simply register your interest to try us for FREE and we can get you ready for action this week. If you think that we can help you take the next step then we look forward to hearing from you very soon.

When you register for a FREE session we will send you your very own ‘Kickstart Pack’ online. Please accept this as our gift to you.

To try BodyUK for FREE call 0203 289 1915, or click this button: