Questions To Ask About Detox Diets

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Thinking of using one of the detox diets that you’ve seen on the market lately?

When it comes to fast weight loss and cleansing your body, there’s no shortage of detox diets that promise to do just that.

But, can you really trust these detox diets? Are they actually going to keep your health in mind or are they no more than a gimmicky approach that may help you lose water weight and not much else?

As you review the various plans you come across, there are some key questions to keep in mind that will help you get to the bottom of this question.

Let’s take a closer peek at what these are.

How Long Is The Diet?

First, check to see how long the diet is. Is it something you follow for 2 days? 3? A week? The longer the diet is, the less intense it can be otherwise more damage will be done.

For instance, you may be able to have two very low calorie days if that’s what the detox diet calls for, but use this for any longer than that and you’ll be risking metabolic slow down and numerous nutrient deficiencies.

This is clearly not a good thing if health is important to you.

How Many Calories Does It Contain?

Next, consider the calorie intake on the diet. Many detox diets are virtually calorie free – or get their calories from something totally unhealthy like maple syrup.

Recipes To Reshape Cookbook Out NowAt the minimum, a detox diet should have 1200 calories for women and 1500 calories for men if it is going to last any longer than two days.

If it’s a two day approach? Try to avoid any plan that has you eating fewer than 800 calories. Less than this and that detox diet will just do more harm than good.

Is Any Protein Included?

Another very critical thing to look at is whether any protein is included in the diet plan. Detox diets are notorious for containing almost no protein at all, which is just going to set you up for feeling weak and suffering a sluggish metabolic rate due to muscle mass loss.

Use these diets and there’s a very good chance you’ll lose very little body fat while on the approach (since you’ll lose primarily muscle mass), and when you come off it, you’ll actually gain body fat due to the metabolic environment that you’ve created.

You should, at minimum, be eating three quality servings of protein each day – more would be preferable.

What Is The Premise?

Finally, consider the premise of the diet. How does it work? Is it based around some unique food combination or drink concoction? If so, chances are it’s more gimmick than anything.

BodyUK Personal Training and Bootcamp Programmes in SurreyThe best way to cleanse your system is to drink plenty of lemon water, eat natural lean protein sources without any sauces/condiments added, and then feast on as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible.

So there you have a brief run-down of the key questions to ask yourself before you start up on a detox protocol. Does yours satisfy these requirements?


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