Benefits Of Having A Personal Trainer

Benefits of having a personal trainer

Personal Trainer – we’ve all heard the “PT” label before, and subsequently formed our own idea of just what it means to be one, or work with one.

Typically we associate the badge with shouting, grunting, pain and perhaps even tears, but what does it REALLY mean to make use of one of these often misunderstood characters? What do they really do? And what’s the point in hiring one in the first place?

Personal Training, it turns out, is actually quite a broad subject

Think about the title, it’s literal meaning – “to train someone personally.” That extends far and beyond just making somebody sweat in a gym. There is actually no physical aspect of exercise that can be undertaken in an even moderately successful manner without first adhering to the internal patterns and habits formed by the human mind; as such, the personal trainers task is actually very in depth.

Getting the diet right is 80% the equation

It begins with nutrition, talking over current eating patterns and deciphering where and how changes can be implemented to better suit the physical outcome of a client, then further develops onto our internal thought processes, genetic coding (how we respond to certain food types and the way they alter our mood), and simple elements like how we feel about our goals, and the way we view ourselves – then it’s time to alter these patterns and thought processes in a manner that will better suit our situation and lead to the fulfilment of our physical actions.

Changing your thought habits

Those internal thought processes aren’t easy to “re-wire” either! If somebody has, for instance, been eating badly for fifty years, then the trainer literally has fifty years worth of “tangled wires” to straighten – not to mention the fact that everyone’s situation is entirely different. The reason one person isn’t able to change habits may be as simple as just not knowing how, whereas another’s may be deeply rooted in personal trauma, relationship issues or even a distorted body image even though they actually know how to change – these situations are much harder to address than simply providing the individual with a meal plan, and thus a deeply rooted supportive partnership must be formed to achieve the desired result.

Psychological conditioning

When you take these factors into consideration – the role of a personal trainer and the benefits of using one are incredibly varied and rely heavily on the psychological conditioning of a client before they are able to successfully train in a fitness based environment. I’m not meaning to suggest that a good personal trainer is also a psychologist, but you’d be amazed at how closely related the two roles are.

“The best trainers are able to “mould” the inner workings of a clients mind and re-wire their “mainframe” to gear it for optimal performance relating to the specific goal of the individual.”

Picture them as human “sculptors”, master artisans of the human body who know how to customise their tools to fit any given situation.

The right support and the right knowledge 24/7

Benefit of Personal Training in Surrey - BodyUKThis is why they are undoubtedly worth the asking price – the knowledge they carry goes far beyond the surface level input a hobbyist gym goer is capable of imbuing their training partner with; they know how to infiltrate a clients psyche and inspire their mind enough to unlock the extra 20-30% needed to take them to their chosen destination, whereas before they would never have accessed the knowledge and deeper perspective their trainer could provide.

“Personal training is literally the difference between success and failure – it’s the extra mile, extra rep and undiscovered words of wisdom that break the heavy shackles wrapped around millions of struggling gym goers around the world”.

No investment could be more worthwhile.


We would like to thank Jason Diprose Personal Trainer at 1Gym England for joining BodyUK today to give his opinion on what Personal Training is all about. There is much more that meets the eye when it comes to working with your very own personal trainer 1-2-1 in Surrey here at BodyUK.

If you would like to book a free consultation with a BodyUK Click HERE now and register your interest. We would love to help you finally reach your personal fitness goals over the next few months.

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