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We want to make it clear that the results achieved from following BodyUK’s coaching advice and fitness systems may vary depending on each individuals performance.

When it comes to fitness and health it is impossible to 100% guarantee that your personal result will be exactly like those who have previously followed our coaching programmes or who are currently taking on one of BodyUK’s signature programmes.

The BodyUK team are committed to your personal success and we will do everything in our power to help you achieve the very best results linked to your fitness, health and performance.

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The BodyUK Bootcamp programme has been designed with the intention that you would aim you attend two training sessions per week or more. All of the BodyUK Bootcamp testimonials have been taken from those who have consistently made it to two or more workouts a week consistently over a period of 1-6 months whilst following the easy to follow nutritional guidance plan titled ‘The Better Body Plan’. We do have many members who like to join us for just 1 workout a week, but for the most part the best results achieved have come from those who were most committed to the challenge ahead.
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