Easy Ways To Include Healthy Eating Into A Busy Lifestyle

eating for weight-loss in surreyThe fast pace lifestyle we all live in can cause healthy eating to feature a little further down the list than we would like. Your ability to get on with the things in your life that matter to you without being delayed by being ill or just too tired to continue depend on keeping your body healthy. If you choose nutritious options your body will be able to keep up with your lifestyle. Have a look at the tips below to get started on a healthier you.

Get Organised:

Having healthy food in the house is the first step to healthy eating. When you get home after a long day, and you don’t have healthy options around, the temptation to pick something that’s easy rather than healthy can be overwhelming. Doing a weekly shop and filling your cupboards with healthy options can help you make good food choices. If you don’t have time to get to the supermarket, online shopping is a convenient way to get in the healthy food whilst saving time.

Cook In Batches:

On your day off work, cook foods you can freeze and defrost on days you are too busy to cook a nutritious meal. Soups, stews and casseroles freeze well. Make a big pot of soup loaded with nutrients and freeze into individual portions. These can be taken to work for lunch if you have a microwave, or defrosted when you get home from work for a hassle free healthy dinner.

Buy Bag Snacks:

Having a protein snack in your bag for when you get peckish will stop you turning to the biscuits and doughnuts. Feeling peckish during the day could indicate a drop in blood sugar levels. To keep you going till lunch time, have protein snacks on hand. Good options that are easy to grab and put in your bag in the morning are small bags of nuts and seeds, small blocks of individually wrapped cheeses and dried beef (Biltong).

Buy A Water Bottle:

By the time you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Often when you feel hungry, you are just thirsty. Having a water bottle next to you at work or in the car, you will pick it up and drink it without it being an effort. Keeping hydrated will make you feel healthier and help your body flush out toxins. Try and avoid having squash (including sugar free), this disrupts your blood sugar levels. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, add a squeeze of fresh lemon. Make sure you get a good quality bottle and don’t leave it in direct sunlight.

Prepare For The Week:

Use time on your days off to chop vegetables ready for stir fries during the week. if you would like chicken or beef in your stir fries, you could precook them a couple of days before. To cook a stir fry with pre-cut vegetables and pre cooked meat will make it a ten minute dinner. From a food safety perspective, have the stir fry within 2 days of prepping the ingredients and use your frozen meals for later in the week.

Have A List Of Recipes That Are Healthy And Quick As A Backup:

We have many recipes that we know you will love here at BodyUK; why not grab a free copy today.

There are meal options that are quick to make and healthy for you. Depending on the season you may feel like warm or cold meals. Salads in summer with protein and vegetables or a vegetable omelette in winter are just a couple of examples. If 30 minutes to cook dinner is doable for you- grilling some fish or chicken and making a tray bake of vegetables is another delicious choice.

Incorporate these tips into your daily life and let us know below if they make a difference to your health.

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