Easy Ways To Lose Weight – 5 Step Blueprint

East ways to lose weightWith party season just around the corner you are probably in search of easy ways to lose weight and tone up so you can feel confident, fit and sexy; ready to slip into that gorgeous little black dress.

Today we want to offer you some highly effective ideas that will help you shape up and feel amazing within a very sort time period.

Dieting and losing weight doesn’t have to be tough; there are a few easy ways to lose weight that you can incorporate into your every day routine without even noticing.

Make Changes In Your Fridge

Look in your fridge, get rid of all the bottles of fizzy pop and replace them with water or bottles of sugar free squash. Remove the crisps and chocolate and put them in a box somewhere you won’t see them constantly. These small, simple changes will ensure you achieve stress free weight loss!

Get A Gym Membership

This might sound obvious but if you want to burn calories fast, getting a gym membership and a training partner will prove an easy way to lose weight. Whilst burning calories on the treadmill or cross trainer you can have a good catch-up with your friend, put the world to rights, then when the hour’s up, you’ve had a good natter and burned some fat! Easy.

Drink Before You Eat!

Before every meal try and drink a glass of water as more than often than not, we are thirsty rather than hungry so this will help combat those pesky hunger feelings – without the intake of calories. Keeping hydrated will also allow you to exercise for longer resulting in more calories being burned.

Treat Day

Treat day is the one-day a week where you can indulge in eating exactly what you like. If you have been strictly dieting and exercising all week, treat day is the best day of the week where you can eat exactly what you like! Your metabolism tries to burnEasy ways to lose weight through things at an accelerated rate, so when you go back to a reduced calorie diet the following day your metabolism burns faster than previously.

Limit Your Drinking

Binge drinking and dinking a bottle of wine a night is obviously not great for you and it can also hinder your weight loss. Alcohol blocks fat oxidation, which in turn, accelerates the rate at which your body stores dietary fat as body fat. Try and limit your drinking to once a week and stay away from the carb-filled alcoholic beverages such as beer and fruity cocktails.

There are definitely easy ways for you to lose weight, and most of them start with making simple changes in your home and not allowing yourself to binge on those bad foods at every given opportunity. If you feel like you struggle to incorporate all of these easy ways to lose weight at once, why not try and add one per week and you will soon be well on your way to your dream physique within weeks.

What tips do you have for easy weight-loss? Leave a comment below to get the conversation started with BodyUK’s online coaching team; you can also join the conversation for free over on Facebook simply click the tab and get connected.


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