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Hire a Fitness Personal Trainer

At BodyUK we offer fitness coaching that is tailored to your needs, fits around your lifestyle and is designed for long term sustainable change.

Using PT Fitness For Better Results

If you demand the very best when it comes to personal training, fitness and your personal health, then you have come to the right place.

We pride ourselves on the ability to motivate, support and encourage excellence from both our coaching team and you, our soon to be member.

Our fitness training programs are all scientifically designed to help you gain the results you have been looking for. We integrate our personalised coaching into your busy lifestyle and work with individuals of all backgrounds on a 1-2-1 basis, in groups and online.

On top of that, we keep your fitness fun to help you stay highly motivated, so the results you gain could last a lifetime.

Let BodyUK save you time, help improve your health, raise your energy levels and focus your successes towards your weight-loss goals and personal body transformation.

What You’ll Get From Your Personal Trainer

  • Optimise your performance – Our top quality personal fitness instructors help you understand, follow and perfect a bespoke fitness programme that has been designed for your personal needs.
  • Your very own fitness blueprint – We pride ourselves on the ability to work alongside our members to deliver a PT fitness programme that integrates perfectly into your busy lifestyle. Many of our members aim to improve their health so it can empower the rest of their life. We love joining you on this journey.
  • Maintain your new body – ‘A brand new body and a plan of action that will give you full confidence when maintaining it.’ This is the target for our personal fitness team here at BodyUK.

Hire A Personal Trainer To Start Your Transformation Today

Please explore our fitness personal training packages and book your free consultation today.

This will give you the opportunity to connect with a member of our coaching team over the phone or face to face.

From here, we can help you map out your next steps towards your personal fitness goals whilst we eliminate the confusion you might currently have when it comes to what you should do next to guarantee your personal success.


I have and still highly recommend BodyUK to everyone I know, it’s the first exercise & fitness programme I’ve found that truly does what it says it will, no hidden agenda.
Kathy BBusy mother based in Epsom
Whether you are new to exercise, or have been doing it for ages but want to take things to the next level, I would highly recommend BodyUK.
Tracey WIn the shape of her life after 40