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Would you like to get back into great shape with the help of a personal trainer? Book a free consultation now and a member of our team will be able to direct you towards your best fitness programme. Alternatively, explore our most popular personal training programmes lower down on this page.

The Better Body Challenge – The perfect 6-week fitness training program

If you are ready to take big action, then this 6-week fitness training program is perfect for you. The Better Body Challenge is a popular choice for those new to training or wishing for the fast results a personal training program can offer.

If you succeed in following this 6-week challenge, you are highly likely to feel fitter and healthier, you could have lost weight and also transformed your energy levels. Plus, you will be heading down the right path towards reshaping your body into the person you are meant to be.

Many of our personal training members who have completed The Better Body Challenge said they would recommend it to a friend or family member. YES! Your personal results will depend on your efforts throughout the 6 weeks of personal training, so if you feel this might be right for you, contact us today to find out more.

Reshape90 – BodyUK’s most personal training program

This is a complete 90-day body transformation program covering fitness, nutrition and lifestyle.

It’s true. In just 90 days you can take control of your body and personal health. Taking on a minimum of two personal training sessions a week whilst following the BodyUK detox system throughout your first 30 days will help to kick-start your fitness from the word go.

Day 31 to 90, you will gain a personalised nutrition guidance program that will blueprint the exact steps needed to gain what we believe to be the very best impact when it comes to your health and fitness. We work with you to build a fitness training program that will help navigate you through your lifestyle demands and help to breakdown the barriers that currently hold you back from great health.

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Tailor-Made: A Fitness Training Program to suit your needs

Anything is possible. Let us help create a blueprint for your health.

We understand that you are very different to those around you. The challenges you face on a daily basis are very personal to you and your lifestyle demands. For this reason, we offer 100% tailor-made personal training packages that have gained huge respect within the fitness and health world and have even seen our personal training coaching systems go international.

Tailor-made personal training has become very popular with busy individuals, corporate jet setters, CEO’s, celebrities and those who suffer from nutritional intolerances.

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