Better Body Challenge

30 Day Challenge

Designed as the perfect detox.
Ideal if you've been away from exercise for a while
or you're simply frustrated with seeing no measurable results

What To Expect

Easy to Start

After your initial consultation you will be ready to get up and moving with your 30 day personal training challenge.

First 10 Days

The detox begins. Our aim here is to help your body eliminate aches and pains whilst you gain energy and confidence.

Day 11 - 22

We focus on helping you lose weight, shape up and your body starts gaining some momentum with your transformation..

Day 23 - 30

Your energy should start shooting up, you are likely to feel slimmer and more energised as you rediscover the motivation to gain great shape.

*Disclaimer – Please note results may vary depending on each individual.

Powerful Results Within 30 Days

The Better Body Challenge is a popular choice for those new to training or for those wishing for the fast result within the month.

If you succeed in following this 30 day personal training challenge you are highly likely to feel fitter and healthier; you are likely to have lost weight, transformed your energy levels plus you will be heading down the right path towards reshaping your body into the person you are meant to be.

We look after everything for you as you take on up to 3 personal training sessions a week whilst following our easy to master Better Body Detox Programme.

If you follow The Better Body Challenge action plan and nutritional detox programme you will be next to enjoy fitness success resulting in up to 12lbs of weight-loss.

What You Can Expect

Expect to feel more energetic throughout the day and feel healthier whilst re-shaping your body with toned muscles that look amazing. Plus you’ll begin to eliminate unwanted fat from those hard to reach areas.

If you are ready to take action this 30 day personal training challenge will be a great place to start.

Is This The Right Personal Training Programme For Me

I’m ready to train 2 to 3 times a week with my personal trainer.

I’m ready to follow the 30 day detox programme whilst training

I like the idea of my energy levels increasing

I love the plan that I could lose weight by day 30

You Could Be Our Next Success Story

The Better Body Challenge was first designed for the busy individual who is often left frustrated by the fact they can’t gain results quickly.

We developed this 30 day detox challenge to help transform the body and prove that great results could be achieved by all of us if we are directed down the correct path.

We have now taken almost 250 individuals through this challenge and the results and testimonials have been amazing. We continue to improve and develop the better body system month after month, to help you achieve positive results.

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What Others Say About Us

I was looking for a way to create a step change so that I could achieve more noticeable results, in a shorter space of time that were going to be sustainable. My wife had been attending the Bootcamp sessions for several months and had really enjoyed them and had achieved amazing results. From the very first workout I loved it.

Noel WFather of 2 aiming to reshape his health
I have seen a few personal trainers over the last few years none of whom have motivated me, pushed me and supported me the way Jem has. Awesome personality, kicked me into touch and would definitely recommend him and use him again in the future!
Thank you.
Rachael JLeads a busy lifestyle but wanted change

*Disclaimer: We at BodyUK pride ourselves on delivering a great service to all our members. Results will vary for all those who take on our coaching services. We aim to keep your fitness experience personal every time. Contact Us Today to speak to a member of our team and ask and questions you might have.