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Tailor-Made Personal Training Packages Just For You

The Tailor-Made personal training package brings about individuality.

We believe that there are simply no excuses that truly validate why you may not own the body, fitness and health you have always aimed for.

Yes there will be many obstacles along the way towards your success; but with the right help, support and coaching we know you can gain everything you want and more.

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We Understand What You’re Looking For

You are very different to those around you. The challenges you face on a day to day basis are very personal to you and your lifestyle demands.

For this reason we offer 100% tailor-made personal training packages that have gained huge respect and have even seen our personal training coaching systems venture throughout Surrey and go international.

If you are looking for a coach that understands your needs and can be flexible with your commitments then you are in the right place. Book your consultation today so we can help you towards your goals.

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Anything Is Possible As We Tailor Make This Personal Training Plan For You.

BodyUK prides itself on the ability to motivate, support and encourage excellence from both our coaching team and you, our soon to be member.

We continue to set the standard for integrating sport science principles into the fitness, health and lifestyle routines of many throughout Surrey and across the country. We work with individuals of all backgrounds on 1-2-1 basis, in groups and online. Month after month we continue to help our members improve their personal training successes.

Let BodyUK save you time, help to improve your health, raise your energy and focus successes towards your fitness and health based goals.

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What Others Say About Us

My issue was that I’m always pushed for time. Husband, two children and a career that has me traveling throughout Europe and America for almost 2 months every year. Jem and the team at BodyUK have helped me direct my attention to what I need to do to achieve the best results no matter where I might be based in the world or how much time I have. The Tailor-Made option is well worth considering if you are looking for a personal trainer that understands your needs.

Sally PI feel so fit as if nothing can stop me now.

I’ve worked with him and the BodyUK team for 3 years now and am so impressed. He is hugely personable, knowledgeable and is constantly re-inventing how we train. The BodyUK fitness experience is second to none. These guys are truly dedicated to ensuring you meet your goals – and you do with continual support and encouragement.Thank you.

Maggie KStaying in great shape has been made easy

*Disclaimer: We at BodyUK pride ourselves on delivering a great service to all our members. Results will vary for all those who take on our coaching services. We aim to keep your fitness experience personal every time. Contact Us Today to speak to a member of our team and ask and questions you might have.