Personal Trainer Ratings

Personal training is proven to be one of the most effective ways to get back into shape and maintain great health, weight-loss and physical performance.

BodyUK was recently invited to attend the London based Why’s Sports conference as a partner due to our consistent high ratings for fitness personal training in Surrey and the fitness results we continue to achieve with our 1-2-1 and group fitness members.

We pride ourselves on being one of the leading fitness and performance brands who bring your personal fitness training experience to your front door, local park or place of work.

We understand that your time is very important and work around your schedule to work alongside you and your routine aiding your fitness, health and lifestyle results week after week.

Our personal trainers’ ratings are amongst the very best in Surrey and London. Check some of our members’ testimonials to see for yourself.

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BodyUK Testimonials

Jem is an exceptional coach. I’ve worked with him and the BodyUK team for 3 years now and am so impressed. He is hugely personable, knowledgeable and is constantly re-inventing how we train. The BodyUK fitness experience is second to none. These guys are truly dedicated to ensuring you meet your goals – and you do with continual support and encouragement.
Maggie KFrom Kingston Upon Thames
Jem was my PT in the run up to my wedding. I’m not a fan of the gym, or of exercise in general, but Jem made the sessions really varied and interesting. He somehow managed to keep me motivated which is no mean feat!
If you are looking for a trainer with a sense of humour and infectious enthusiasm who gets great lasting results then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.
Cassie QFrom Surbiton
I would recommend BodyUK to anyone who is ready to work hard, my body started to change shape within about 6 weeks and i’ve continued to improve even on these pictures. Thank you.
Shay SFrom Surrey, UK
I’d always been slim but had no real tone or definition and needed advice on how best to achieve what I was wanting.A friend recommended Jem almost 2 years ago and change began to happen. Coupling his training with his ‘TBBP’ I began to see results.

Yes it was hard some days but after 2 weeks I lost that ‘muffin top’ and felt better and stronger. Initially I lost over a stone in weight, surprising everyone as we had no idea I could lose that much and still look so healthy.

Nikki SFrom Surbiton
Thank you guys. I still can’t believe I let you put these picture up here. I wanted to improve my body shape and fitness ready for my summer holiday.Every year I seem to get myself in a bit of slump and always struggle to hit the gym enough before I fly.

I have had trainers in the past, but I can honestly say Jem was amazing.

I actually achieved these results in exactly 72 days using all the tricks he taught me. The Bootcamp members are amazing and I will never look for a different training team again.

Obviously 72 days was an amazing result for Emi. She worked hard and gained great results in just over two months. We want to highlight that your results might differ depending on your body, abilities and commitment to our coaching programmes. BodyUK is quickly becoming one of the leading fitness brands for weight-loss and body transformation in the UK so we want to make sure you gain the opportunity to view our disclaimer located at the bottom of this page.

Emi TFrom Esher

I went to Boot-Camp for many months, during which time I saw my fitness and strength improve dramatically. I always looked forward to the sessions as they were fun, varied, well targeted and achieved results. I would definitely recommend BodyUK to anyone looking for a Personal Training solution regardless of their starting level of fitness.
Heidi A-HFrom Claygate

I really wanted to say thank you guys.I lost a load of weight over just 4 months of training, but more importantly I feel so confident and empowered within myself all because I feel amazingly fit, strong and healthy.

I decided to get my health back on track as a way to really kick start my life again in all areas. I can honestly say the improvement to my health has helped to bring about change in so many amazing areas of my life.
Thank you so much and I hope to be back soon

Mariyam RFrom Richmond

I had been doing personal training once a week for over 6 months, but wasn’t getting the results wanted. So I wanted to step things up by increasing the intensity and frequency of my sessions.I was looking for a way to create a step change so that I could achieve more noticeable results, in a shorter space of time that were going to be sustainable. My wife had been attending the Bootcamp sessions for several months and had really enjoyed them and had achieved amazing results. So I went along to my first session and loved it!

The variety and intensity of the sessions were terrific and I found them both challenging and very rewarding. Within a few short weeks I noticed considerable change and continued with the sessions for over 6 months. I loved Bootcamp so much that I have kept up with a similar style of training after moving back to Australia.

I now get online support from the International arm of BodyUK which enables me to continue with this type of training, and the results have been lasting.

I would recommend BodyUK to anyone no matter your fitness level. If you are interested in finding a way to challenge yourself (whatever that means for you) in an environment that is friendly, effective and fun.

Noel WFrom Esher

I have seen a few personal trainers over the last few years none of whom have motivated me, pushed me and supported me the way Jem has. Jem was always there like the little angel sat on my shoulder making sure I was eating correctly, doing my exercise on days I was not with him consistently pushing me to my limits so that I succeeded. Awesome personality, kicked me into touch and would definitely recommend him and use him again in the future!
Rachael JFrom Epsom

Jem Scragg is a professional trainer, at great value and is an inspiration to anyone wanting to get and keep fit and adjust to a healthier lifestyle. He is creative with his workouts which keeps them fresh and keeps his clients continually on their toes and enjoying each and every work out. He is motivated and driven to ensure his clients achieve results and furnishes them with useful information to assist in reaching that success. My results have been amazing, thank you guys.
Kathy BFrom Epsom
After having done personal training and my own exercise for nearly 12 months, I was looking for something to help take me to the next level.While I had heard of bootcamps I didn’t want an army style session with someone shouting at me, making me feel inadequate in an attempt to make me work harder.

I did some research and came across BodyUK; So I went along and before I knew it I was hooked!! The people who attended the sessions were extremely friendly and welcoming. They liked to have fun and were of all levels of fitness.

Our trainer, Jem Scragg, did an excellent job at making everyone feel welcome and at making the sessions useful and informative. Each session was challenging, able to be adapted to suit each person’s fitness level and involved great variety in the exercises (every now and then had some new ones we had never heard of before…but they were really effective).

The use of music made it more enjoyable and most importantly it was fun and it worked! In just a couple of weeks the changes were noticeable and lasting, and it didn’t matter how many times I went, every session pushed me to new limits (which is exactly what I wanted).

Whether you are new to exercise, or have been doing it for ages but want to take things to the next level, I would highly recommend Bootcamps or Personal Training to everyone.

Tracey WFrom Cobham
One month of Bootcamp and I can already see my abdominals. The nutrition programme was a challenge but I followed it about 85% and the results now speak for themselves. Brilliant.
Matthew BFrom Surrey, UK

Now I was one of the first people to take on the new ‘Rapid Re-Shape Solution’ and as you can see it really worked for me. I started training after finding out I was going to be a dad for the first time.I thought that now is my time to shine and I have always felt that personal fitness is a central pillar to my happiness and success. I lost so much weight on the programme and my body fat percentage really did drop through the floor.

I now feel great and for the first time in a long time I look athletic. My advice would be to really listen to what these guys have to say and follow it how ever different it might sound.

Thanks again and I hope this helps others get on board and take action.

Jacques GFrom London

The results achieved by all members at BodyUK are dependant on each individuals commitment to their personal plan or coaching plan. So results for you might be different to those who have taken on our fitness challenges and programmes in the past. We would love to welcome you as a member of BodyUK.

If you would like to read more please feel free to view our Disclaimer which will help you to take the next step and contact the BodyUK to book your free initial consultation.