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Get Results with a Personal Trainer

The personal training team at BodyUK work daily to help men and women just like you achieve the very best fitness, weight-loss and body shaping results possible. We look after those who consider themselves to be fitness beginners all the way through to those who are more advanced. Our personal training packages and coaching programmes have already helped so many and we are on a mission to help many more by the end of the year.

Take a look at a selection of our members’ success stories. We hope one will inspire you to start your fitness journey so you too can gain life changing results with a BodyUK personal trainer.

Maggie’s Fitness Training Success Story

 Why did you need personal training?

Initially it was to improve my back.  Having fallen down some stairs I badly bruised my back and had painful and restricted movement when bending down and walking for long periods of time.  I visited a physiotherapist and chiropractor for several months which helped but I still had pain so decided to invest in a personal trainer. 6 years on – it’s still the best decision I ever made.

What were your goals when you started?

  • To improve my back in terms of flexibility and strength
  • To lose weight (I seemed to be stuck at the same weight no matter how much exercise I did)
  • To tone up and get a flat stomach and defined arms 
  • To improve energy and enjoy exercise 

Which programme did you take?

I began with Personal training and then moved on to include boot-camp (something I never thought I would do let alone grow to love).  Rain or shine it invigorates you and you meet a fantastic bunch of people who are friendly, supportive and fun.

How long did you train for?

Personal training twice a week; Bootcamp twice a week.

Did you reach your goals?

Yes I did.  Jem spent time creating a varied programme of one-to-one sessions (including running, interval training, kettle bell and TRX). He also advised me on my nutrition (he’s incredibly knowledgeable on the subject but equally realistic when it comes to lifestyle which really helps).  The combination of  specific tailored sessions and the nutrition advice helped speed up results and kept me motivated – Jem doesn’t preach about fitness – he listens to your needs and goals and just gets you there – simply and effectively. 

How are you feeling now?

Amazing.  My back pain is honestly a distant memory.  I’m also fitter, stronger, lighter and more toned than I was in my 20s!  I constantly surprise myself and my family by how fit I’ve become.  I also feel far more confident in myself and my fitness ability.

Are you still training with BodyUK?

I still train with BodyUK (6 years on). I know I’ve got the tools and knowledge to do it myself, but I love the motivation and the variety that Jem brings to the sessions. He also really listens and adapts to days where I’m feeling sluggish or when I lack energy. I always know I’ll feel 100% better after a session and that’s what makes me continue.  


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