Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Your Type Of Morning

Week day mornings can be manic. If you have more than just yourself to get ready in the morning, I am sure breakfast is the last thing on your mind. Breakfast is a really important meal, after spending a full night (hopefully) sleeping, your body needs fuel to get going. Being well fed and hydrated prepares you for what ever the day has to throw at you. There are lots of ways to incorporate breakfast into your busy schedule and start your day the right way.

The Solo ‘Breakfaster’

Living on your own or as a couple, where adults get themselves ready in the morning and you only need to worry about feeding yourself makes breakfast a little easier to fit in. Giving yourself 15 minutes for a healthy start to the day is all you need. If you are a cereal person, pairing oat flakes or muesli with chai seeds will keep you going till lunch time. If you want something warming, oats with nuts and seeds or a lovely poached egg on oat cakes is a tasty start to the day. All achievable within 15 minutes.

The Family ‘Breakfaster’

Getting children ready for school can turn things a little manic at times. Getting children to sit down to a nutritious breakfast may seem like an uphill battle. Sitting down with the children may help. Make breakfast fun by trying boiled egg and soldiers (5 minutes to prepare), if your children like porridge, make a big pot full for the family to enjoy. Toast lovers- put some protein into the mix so they aren’t hungry a couple of hours later. Some organic peanut butter, sardines or egg slices (made the night before). With a little planning and an earlier start, morning will be less stressful for everyone.

The Don’t Eat ‘Breakfaster’

Some people can think of nothing worse than eating first thing in the morning. Appetites often don’t kick in until after 10 o’clock. Having a ‘desk’ breakfast is very achievable and it will keep you from reaching for the junk food to keep you going until lunch. If food doesn’t interest you in the morning, a shake may suit you better. Blend whole fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, nut powders, protein powders etc. in varying combinations and take it with you to work. Nutritious and filling. Taking cereal with you is another option. Containers with a compartment for milk separately prevents soggy muesli.

The Never Full ‘Breakfaster’

If you find that you are eating breakfast at home and by 10am are ravenous and raiding the biscuit draw, you may be lacking some nutrients in your morning meal. Protein and healthy fats are an excellent source of satiety, combining them with carbohydrates in the morning will keep you fuller for longer – that doughnut wont tempt you. Starting the day with eggs (boiled, poached, fried in butter), bacon, sardines, peanut butter on wholegrain toast, porridge with nuts and seeds, sugar free muesli- all these choices contain protein and fat that will keep your hunger at bay.

The Lazy Sunday ‘Breakfaster’

The weekend has arrived, no morning rush or traffic to contend with. A lie in is a possibility and a hearty breakfast is a definite. The traditional Sunday breakfast is the ‘Fry up’. Thankfully this meal can be done in a healthy and tasty way. Eggs, bacon, good quality grilled sausages, organic baked beans, mushrooms and grilled tomato provide good sources of protein, vegetables and fibre. Try and use butter instead of oil if you are frying anything and include lots of vegetables. Wholegrain toast and a nice cup of red bush tea to finish things off nicely.

No matter what type of ‘breakfaster’ you are, there is always a way to fit in a healthy start. Happy breakfasting!

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