Rapid weight loss tips

Weight Loss Tips For That Special Event or Holiday

Don’t want to wait? Indulge in these rapid weight loss tips

Are you really tired of trying diet after diet and reading countless books on different weight loss methods? We can sympathise with you. After all, it’s your body that is carrying those unwanted pounds that you simply want to get rid of! If you are looking for rapid weight loss tips and methods, there are certainly things you can do to speed up the process to get your body in shape for that special event or holiday.

A juice cleanse

A juice cleanse, when done properly, can be highly beneficial for your body by removing unhealthy toxins, and of course shedding those extra pounds fast. The idea is that you only blend raw fruit and vegetables, which would be the equivalent of a complete meal. A great guide to juicing properly will help you endlessly.

Pros – Easy to do, and can last as long as you want it to – usually between 3-7 days.

Cons – Can be difficult getting used to such a drastic change from solids to liquids. You must get the compositions correct because too much fruit can make you gain weight.

Properly hydrate

Sometimes, when you feel your stomach uncontrollably growling you automatically think you are hungry when, quite often, you are actually thirsty and dehydrated.  Women should drink eight 200ml glasses, and men should drink 10 200ml glasses, of water a day. If you follow this advice you will not feel the need to snack on foods as much as you will be properly hydrated and you won’t feel as hungry.

Pros – Highly beneficial for the body to hydrate properly

Cons – Can be tough to adjust to drinking the correct amount

Consider the Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet (short for Palaeolithic) is a diet, which tries to replicate a diet that our ancestors would have eaten which consists of only natural ingredients. Paleo foods are fresh meats, vegetables and fruits.

Pros – You are eliminating all things artificial from your diet so you know exactly what is entering your body.

Cons – Can be a little dull and even expensive buying only the freshest ingredients.

Count calories

Knowing what your body needs and ensuring you don’t exceed your calories per day is a sure way to lose weight fast. Employ the services of a nutritionist or a personal trainer to give you a tailored weight loss plan which you can follow by counting calories. You can also try and online calorie calculator to do some adding up yourself.

Pros – Getting professional help is the best way to ensure you are staying safe while calorie counting

Cons – You may deprive yourself of certain nutrients if you don’t do the proper research and maintain a balanced diet.

There are a number of ways you can lose weight rapidly. The key to all of these is persistence, safety and ensuring you get a healthy amount of exercise to accompany your new eating habits. Quick fixes and rapid weight loss tips are never good for long term results. A proper diet plan tailored to your needs with an exercise regime you can stick to is the best way to consistently lose weight.

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