Ladies of Britain listen up. I want to Reshape your workout routine starting NOW!

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 Are you ready to spend between 6 and 24 minutes a day working out with me right here online? Come and join the Reshape15 workout challenge and I will teach you exactly how to transform your body within weeks rather than months. I will personally help you get back into great shape over the next 15 days

Are YOU ready to take back control of your health?

We are calling up on the mothers, sisters and daughters of Britain who want to re-empower their health over the next 15 days

I want you to get excited! This is your invitation to the official Reshape15 Programme with Jem Scragg of BodyUK.

What is it?

15 days of body weight fitness workouts delivered to you in individual 6-24 minutes long video workout sessions that I send you daily straight to your email inbox. My team and I will provide the daily workout programme and of course you will have me helping you 1-2-1. All you need to do is find a small amount of time in your day to workout with me right from the comfort of your own home. It’s really that simple.

Who can do it?

Everyone! You don’t need to have had any previous experience. You don’t need any special fitness equipment like weights or straps. If you understand the basic movements when it comes to getting back into shape excellent but this is not a must. I will be with you every step of the way right here online. Having said that the focus when it comes to today is to empower the women of the world. The mothers, sister, wives and of course you and your friends.

Who’s teaching it?

Jem Scragg head coach at BodyUK is going to be your personal trainer for the next 15 days. He’s the founder of BodyUK and has already lead thousands of men and women towards huge fitness success with his Personal Training and Group Fitness Challenges throughout the UK.

His background comes from the world of athletics where he peaked as a top UK athlete, but over the last 7 years he has brought his attention to deliver the very best sport specific principals into a fitness solution that guarantees the weight-loss and body shaping results you have been looking for every time.

Is it really free?

Yes! It is 100% free. We are not trying to sell you anything. Not now and not in the future and you can unsubscribe anytime if you feel the need.

We would like to do our part and get the nation moving. We have the knowledge, the understanding and we love to workout with people like you. What we ask is that you register your place above today and share this message with your friends.

Lets see if we can get over 1000 individuals taking on Reshape15 this month.

As soon as you register your place we will deliver your start pack to your inbox in properly introduce you to Jem and the Reshape15 challenge. I can’t wait to join you as soon as you sign up above..

Reshape15 – 15 Daily Workouts Delivered Right Here Online. The Perfect Kickstart To Your Fitness Plan And Easy To Fit Into Your Daily Routine.

Important: You will receive one coaching email per day for 15 days as I guide you through the Reshape15 online fitness challenge. There’s absolutely no costs involved. You can unsubscribe anytime! Register your place above now and lets get you ready for action.