Annette K – Wanted to Lose Weight, But My Eating and Drinking Intake Wasn’t Great.

What was the driving force behind changing your fitness regime?

Initially it was to train for a 3km Cancer Charity FunRun with my girlfriends. They are all super fit & I was recovering from nerve damage & severe sciatic pain. I didn’t believe I could do the run so I needed help to prepare for the fun run.

From Jem (BodyUK Head Coach) – Annette started her BodyUK journey with a consolation at Cote in Esher. The perfect location to talk more about fitness and health goals and build a fitness programme that aims to help you reach your fitness and performance goals inside a chose time period.

I remember you were a little nervous about your running challenge; but we were very confident you would achieve your personal goals and raise plenty of money for the cancer research charity.

You have so much great energy from the word go I was extremely excited to get you moving and demonstrate what personal training with the BodyUK team is all about.

My Goals

I wanted to lose weight, but my personal eating and drinking intake isn’t great. I love all healthy & unhealthily foods followed by wine. So any weight loss whilst preparing for the Fun Run would have been an added bonus.

From Jem – Nutrition plays a huge role when it comes to weight-loss or any body transformation. Many want to lose weight but some who we work with want to gain weight. The trick is to understand what makes you tick and then lead you towards better choices that move you towards your personal fitness goals.

Helping Annette follow the perfect nutrition guide for her goals has been a challenge. But she is not alone. When you have a busy lifestyle, children and a large network of family and friends to look after the trick is to find balance with your nutrition.

Partnering your workouts with healthy eating blueprint ideas has worked will with keeping you on the straight and narrow and has helped to drastically improve your running ability for the big race.

What would you say to someone who was reading your comments but was still unsure about getting started?

My girlfriends say Jem is a “hottie” – so thats an added bonus. He is not just eye-candy but he is a great chap, who treats you with dignity & is passionate about what he does. Jem should be on TV as a fitness instructor, he shows you respect as well as the occasional ‘kick up the bum’ when I am demotivated.

From Jem – Hmmm… I’m not sure how to take this haha. But thanks.

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time ‘Helping men and women feel their best on a daily basis using fitness and health based principals as a platform’.

I have actually been on TV in the past but I keep this quiet. Currently I spend some of my time coaching individuals from the BodyUK Youtube channel.

Maybe TV will be back on the cards soon… Watch this space.

What BodyUK programme did you do?

I went for personal one-to-one training. Twice a week I agreed to see Jem & at first I was terribly nervous to start. I wanted a female personal trainer & I asked BodyUK for a lady trainer. Jem met with me first over a coffee, I felt I clicked with him straight away. He made me feel comfortable with a male personal trainer, even though I had the biggest butt in Surrey. I never dreamt I would feel comfortable with a man training me.

From Jem – O yes! I remember this. We do have female coaches at BodyUK but due to circumstances and your initial fitness goal we booked your personal training consultation with myself (Jem).

You are not alone when it comes to wanting either a male or female coach.

I thought we got on well from the word go and it seems our friendship has gone from strength to strength down the same line as your fitness.

It is always a highlight of my week when I take you through an hour or two of personal training each week.

My Success

Brilliant! I did the 3km Fun Run & I held my own. It was partly walking & I made sure to run when ever a camera was pointed at me. I was never going to be first over the finish line but I did finish it with my friends & I was able to laugh & talk the whole time without collapsing from exhaustion. And I didn’t skip any obstacles, I was so proud of myself.

Jem prepared me for this charity event both physically & emotionally. The biggest goal I have achieved (which I didn’t see coming) was how strong I have become, my sciatic pain is now rare & I am a different person both emotionally & physically.

I now want to train with Jem in 2018 to seriously look at weight loss, seeing him for one to one training once a week & hopefully I also join one of the BodyUK bootcamps. Yes I am NUTS.

From Jem – You have achieved so much already Annette. When it comes to performance, weight-loss or general fitness it is always importance to pay attention to the physical but also mental side of training.

Confidence plays such a huge role when it comes to gang great shape and this is something I believe more people need to understand.

You now live life pain free which is amazing. I can’t explain just how valuable that is. It’s almost as if people only ever value their flexibility and mobility once it is gone. But now you have gained full ownership of your body.

Yes weight-loss is the next goal now. We are excited to take you through your next steps. Your story could inspire so many to contact BodyUK so they too can start their own fitness journey.

A word of advice

Meet Jem first for one of his famous coffee’s (Fitness Consultation) and have a chat to him. I was so set against having a male personal-trainer, but he is a decent man who is passionate about those he trains. He will make you feel relaxed in his company & he will inspire you to tackle what ever obstacles you are having to stop you from training. I am notorious for ‘making excuses’ and he will always get me back on track.

From Jem – Working along side you is a pleasure Annette. It means a lot that you feel fully comfortable whilst training. You have and continue to achieve some great results.

Keep up the good work.

PS – We now have a few female coaches on the BodyUK Personal Training team now. But i’m pleased you are sticking with me.

Are you still training with BodyUK?

Yes I love it! Great train with Jem. He’s a great bloke & an inspirational personal trainer.

From Jem – Aww thank you Annette. I tell you what… Some of the language that comes out of your mouth when I ask you to do certain exercises would suggest you hate me 😉

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