Helen C – Balancing Fitness and Lifestyle Perfectly

Why I needed to change

My mother having several small strokes. It made me realise I needed to get fitter and lose some weight.

From Jem (BodyUK Head Coach) – All of the BodyUK personal training members have amazing stories when it comes to their lifestyle. Often the reason why an individual gets started with their personal training journey can be due to a realisation around the importance of gaining personal fitness and health.

We looked after Helen during a 1 hour consultation at her home. In this hour we created a fitness plan that was actionable, clearly showed a progressive path to her training that would give her the confidence and understanding to get started and then stay on track towards her goals over the next 3, 6 and 12 months.

Helen joined BodyUK. Kicking off her personal training programme with the Reshape90 12 week programme.

My Goals

I just wanted to be free form pain in my back and winning squash matches again.  I also wanted to feel better in myself and more confident.

From Jem – What a great goal. One of the key factors with Helen’s training programme was motivation, enjoyment and results. We knew that if Helen started to enjoy her exercise routine on a weekly basis again this would help her to adopt new habits that would be beneficial around her health; resulting in long term success and transformation.

This is the same for many personal training members at BodyUK. If we can help you truly value your training you too will created long term habits that move you towards great health month after month.

What programme would you say is most suitable for you?

Definitely Personal Training.  I did manage twice a week at one time, but have now settled on one day a week. This has helped me to stay motivated, focused and accountable. With a busy lifestyle this has been perfect.

From Jem – Helen started her personal training experience with the Reshape90 training programme. This programme aims to help you regain great health, lose weight and build in confidence from the word go.

Reshape90 is currently our most popular personal training package and leads individuals through a 2 or 3 session a week plan. We accompany all of our personal training programmes with full nutritional support that integrates nicely with our members lifestyle, wants and needs.

Once Helen completed 12 week of training she had already made huge improvement with her personal fitness, weight-loss and health. She continued with 2 sessions a week for another 6 months and now enjoyed one personal training sessions a week from the comfort of her home.

We have found a great balance with Helen around her lifestyle, working life and fitness goals; we have continued to work on and off with Helen now for the last 3 years.

Were you successful in achieving your set goals? If so how has this impacted on your lifestyle?

 I was and remain motivated to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I really couldn’t have achieved this without you.

From Jem – Helen you have and continue to be excellent. Over the last year your lifestyle has taken many twists and turns; but throughout all this you have stayed on track and never lost the confidence of owning great health.

We are all excited to see where this year will take you inside your training.

Are you still training with BodyUK?

I am, once a week. When I started I knew I needed to get active at least two or three times a week. I did two sessions a week for almost 2 years. BRILLIANT! Now i’m doing one session a week and it balanced my fitness and lifestyle perfectly.

From Jem – Once a week training sessions continues to perfectly balance out your lifestyle so this is excellent. Training once a week now means you pay more attention to your diet throughout the week.

But still every month you continue to go from strength to strength.

Great job Helen.

A word of advice

Keep at it.  It’s frankly torture for the first few weeks.  Then you start to feel good and want to feel better.  There will always be moments when you just want to give up.  Try not too.

What would you say to someone who was reading your comments but was still unsure about getting started?

To quote Jem – Make It Happen!

From Jem – Haha. Thanks Helen. YES! Make It Happen.

I don’t think there is anything else that could say it better.

Our aim is to help support individuals like you as you take that step towards a better you. We simply use fitness, health and performance based principals as a platform.

The moment where you decide to make it happen is where we aim to join you.

You have been a brilliant example of this. Keep up the good work.

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