Noel W – Frustrated by the lack of results achieved

Why I needed to change

I was looking for a way to create a step change so that I could achieve more noticeable results, in a shorter space of time that were going to be sustainable. My wife had been attending the Bootcamp sessions for several months and had really enjoyed them and had achieved amazing results. So I went along to my first session and loved it!

My Goals

I wanted to lose weight at first if i’m being honest. Yes I know being healthy improved your lifestyle and it helps you to have more energy. But I had been exercising for 6 months plus before joining the BodyUK team and I was getting a little frustrated with seeing very little results.

A word of advice

I would recommend BodyUK to anyone no matter your fitness level.

My advice would be… Don’t over think getting started.

If you are interested in finding a way to challenge yourself (whatever that means for you) in an environment that is friendly, effective and fun then this is a must try.

I can’t truly explain to you just how good it makes me feel now my body is in the sort of shape that i’m comfortable with 365 days a year.

My physical confidence even helped me to say yes to a recent diving holiday I went on with the boys. In the past I might have said no to this holiday which would have been really sad.

My Success

Within a few short weeks I noticed considerable change and continued with the sessions for over 6 months. I loved Bootcamp so much that I have kept up with a similar style of training after moving back to Australia.

I now get online support from the International arm of BodyUK which enables me to continue with this type of training, and the results have been lasting.

Can we help you today?

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