Tracey W – I was looking for a personal trainer I could stay with for the long term.

Why I needed to change

I simply wanted to feel my best again.

Yes I wanted to lose a bit of weight and tone up. But the biggest thing was that I wanted to find a personal trainer that I clicked with, was knowledgable and understood the challenges that my life throws at me on a weekly basis. I wanted a personal trainer I could stay working with for the long term.

My Goals

After having done personal training and my own exercise for nearly 12 months, I was looking for something to help take me to the next level.

While I had heard of personal training and bootcamps I didn’t want an army style session with someone shouting at me, making me feel inadequate in an attempt to make me work harder.

I did some research and came across BodyUK; So I went along and before I knew it I was hooked!!

My personal goal was to lose weight but more importantly I wanted to feel amazing. I had roughly 5 months until my 40th birthday and I was willing to really try my best to gain the body I had always wanted in the lead up to the party.

A word of advice

I.m not sure this is advice but it is something I really loved.

At bootcamp they use music. This was a brilliant way for me to stay motivated during the group training workouts and I’m not sure this is something they mention on the website.

My other piece of advice is ‘book a free consultation’ and have a chat about your personal goals before you do decide to start a training programme. It doesn’t cost anything and you will be amazed at how comfortable you will feel in the presence of the team.

I met with Jem first at my home and he was so knowledgable, polite and understanding I knew within the first 3 minutes of the consultation that I was in safe hands.

My Success

This sounds cliché but I really am in the very best shape of my life and it has to be said I have full body confidence and this makes me so happy.

My job has be flying around the world every few months and when I started I worried that if I did lose weight and improve my fitness my weight would yo-yo whilst traveling.

But this hasn’t happened.

I feel like I really understand my body now and what works best for it physically and nutritionally whatever country I spend my time in.

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