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Why I needed to change

I’ve always struggled to maintain a healthy weight and have yoyo’d up and down many times. I love playing sports especially squash but the extra weight and a bad back was really starting to effect my performance and my confidence in general. I decided I needed to find a way of doing something that was for the long term and sustainable and I thought PT was probably the answer for me

My Goals

I just wanted to be free form pain in my back and winning squash matches again. I also wanted to feel better in myself and more confident.

A word of advice

Don’t think of PT as a short term fix its something you’ve got to do for the long term. I guess its like the difference between doing a faddy diet compared to changing your lifestyle. Also its amazing what you can achieve in a short space of time if you focus.

My Success

I have achieved all my initial goals. Lost the weight felt better about myself and won a few squash matches to. The most important thing for me is sustainability. I’ve got to this place before only to loose it so PT is now firmly part of my life and something I need to do for the long term.

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