Summer is around the corner

Are you going to be fit for summer?

Summer is around the corner!

We’ve had some beautiful sunny days which serve as a reminder that summer is just around the corner. Are you meeting your 2016 fitness or weight loss goals? It’s just about time to start shopping for shorts and swimming costumes, are you ready?  Just the thought of summer clothes inspires many to get jogging or head back to the gym, but it is easy to lose impetus as soon as the sun hides itself again. Taking part in a fitness programmes or 1-2-1 training can make the difference between success and failure and here are some of the reasons why.

Accountability and motivation

It’s easy to set goals, but if no one is looking it is also easy to procrastinate and skip workouts. However, a personal trainer (PT) would certainly notice if you’re doing nothing all week. The accountability of meeting a PT once or twice a week can provide heaps of motivation to take action. During a session, a PT motivates you to push harder, run further and be the best that you can be at every moment.  The word “can’t” is not part of a PT’s vocabulary. Being part of a Bootcamp gives a great sense of community and comradery and makes exercise fun and social.

Expert knowledge

A good PT has expert knowledge of the most effective, evidence-based programs for your fitness level and goals. He or she will take into account your lifestyle and design a program that works for you and, importantly, maximises the time you spend working out. Having a tailored program you believe in creates the positive mindset you’ll need to stick to your routine. Above all, your PT will also support you with nutritional advice which is vital for reaching any weight loss goals and optimal health. Whether you’re recovering from injury, trying to lose weight or looking to make strides in a specific sport, your PT can develop and continuously adapt a tailored program to enable you to reach your goals.


Good technique is essential for preventing injuries such as strains, sprains and fractures. It’s not enough to learn from your friends at the gym. A PT will help you to develop good form to improve your posture and core stability and increase strength by recruiting the correct muscles – making a mind-body connection. You’ll be able to push hard without losing form and technique.

Personal support and mental fitness

When you work with a PT, you’re a team. PTs are only successful when their clients get results so they have a lot of incentive to motivate and inspire you.  Issues in your personal life affect your training – that is inevitable – and your PT will be there through all the ups and downs to keep you motivated and in a positive mindset.

Physical fitness is about more than looking good, although it’s a nice side effect of healthy living. Being active lengthens life, limits disease and keeps you strong, active and independent into older age. It improves well being from the first session – giving you extra confidence and reducing the impact of stress. Hiring a PT is about making an investment into your future.

If you have questions, or you’re already ready to make it happen, contact us today. You can find out more about personal training at BodyUK here. If you want to receive all of these benefits but don’t have time for face-t0-face meetings, we’re about to launch and exciting new online programme called HIIT90. You can sign-up for more information about it here.

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