Tips for home exercise

Tips for working out at home

Here are our top tips for starting a home exercise programme.

Working out from home is a great option for anyone, especially people pressed for time. There is no commute, it’s never too busy, you can do it anytime, you don’t have to worry about what you look like, the weather is never an issue and you can’t forget anything. That doesn’t mean there is nothing to think about before starting an exercise programme at home though. Here are 7 tips to help you get ready for working out at home.

1.       Make sure you are fit to workout. If you are new to exercise or have any concerns, visit your GP.

2.       Set goals and stick to them! Don’t give up. Creating mechanisms of accountability will help you stay motivated. For example, announce your goals to family and friends, join BodyUK’s social media pages or keep a blog. Track your progress by printing out a workout poster and hang it somewhere visible.

3.       Get a good mat for floor exercises.

4.       Decide where you are going to exercise. Make sure you’ll have enough space for all the moves. It should be easy to set up and you should love it.

5.       It’s important to take care of your feet. Are your shoes fit for purpose and do they give you the support you need? Here is some advice on choosing shoes from the NHS.

6.       Preview any workout videos. Make sure you understand the technique and practice it a bit before going off full blast. Find out if you’ll need your mat or any other equipment – for example, a chair for tricep dips.

7.       Eliminate distractions. Choose a time of day you will not be interrupted. Make it clear to your family members or housemates that you cannot be interrupted for the next 30-60 minutes, and/or make plans for your children. While you’re at it, turn off your phone!

Do you have something to add to this list? Please add your comments below!

BodyUK is about to launch HIIT90. It’s a 90-day high intensity interval training and nutrition programme you can do from home or during  your travels. It’s suitable for all ages and fitness levels. If you want to know more about HIIT, check out our blog on how HIIT maximises your time and results.

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